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Training program to become a
Business Evolution Manager

This training in 3 modules is for people who want to orientate their business heart-oriented and consciously, or who want to accompany others in doing so. Together we learn to see business and work holistically and to apply this for ourselves and many others. And this without having to forego economic success.

Evolution means ongoing development. While the business environment is changing at an unexpected speed, the development in the management of organizations seems to have come to a standstill. People are longing to go to work with pleasure, to do together with love and joy what fulfills them and brings true benefit to many. Leaders find themselves in an unprecedented tension between the pressure to succeed and this longing.

In this training program we show you concretely how you can make this become a lived reality without having to give up economic success.

This leadership training is a wonderful addition to business management know-how and opens up a holistic view of the company and work. Regardless of whether you are a manager, employee, consultant or coach.

We make this knowledge available to you in an attentive, practical and up-to-date way. This way you can apply it directly beneficial for your life and your organization. Success and joy come and stay.

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Target group

On the one hand, Business Evolution is suitable for self-employed people, owners, managers, consultants and coaches who want to direct their business in a heart-oriented and conscious way or accompany others in doing so. In other words, who strive for heart-oriented management and work. On the other hand, also for people who want to broaden their horizon regarding economy, work and entrepreneurship, or who want to find their place in professional life.

No previous knowledge is necessary.

  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Doers
  • Changers
  • Founders
  • Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Interested parties
  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Seekers


  • Transformation of the own being towards more clarity and love
  • Free participation in meditations
  • Guest speakers
  • Entry into an inspiring network
  • Certificate “Business Evolution Manager”

Organization & Methodology

Business Evolution follows a strongly experience-based approach. This means that everyone learns significantly through personal and external experience. Therefore we are happy if the participants* share their topics and we can experience solutions and maybe even a piece of salvation from them on site.

The modules are not structured and are the same in all countries. This allows you to join in at any time or book individual modules. However, we recommend that you participate in the entire training program, as it is a self-contained subject area that develops its full potential better as a whole.

The training sessions are always from Thursday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Buchung für die Teilnahme in einem bestimmten Land

Business evolution consists of three parts:

  • Reach out to Your Excellence
  • The true Power of Connection
  • Transformative Exchange

If you would like to attend all training parts in one country, you can book this directly here.

Booking for participation in different countries

Alternatively, the individual modules of the Business Evolution can be booked in different countries.

Please note that each module must then be booked individually, as they are charged with different currencies and tax rates. For this purpose, a new window will open when you click on the training part, in which you can complete the booking. Please come back to this page and book the other modules.

Reach out to Your Excellence
The true Power of Connection


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