Inside the eye IATL Tornado of money over cityscape
Inside the eye IATL Tornado of money over cityscape
Inside the eye IATL Tornado of money over cityscape

6./7. SEPTEMBER 2020


6. / 7. September 2020 I Oper Graz . Austria



People state that they perceive business and their work more and more
  • chaotic
  • faster
  • challenging
Many feel trapped in a hurricane and sometimes unfortunately without the perspective of a way out.
Do you sometimes feel that way?
Over two fantastic days we accompany attendees back to inner peace as well as clarity and assist them how to find their personal path. During this amazing event we experience INSIDE THE EYE, the eye of the hurricane. Your place of power. It is the calm space where you can experience silence and clarity and get orientation for yourself again. You become more independent of the hurricane around you, you shape your vision and make decisions that benefit yourself and others.
Do you want to join us to this powerfull location? Does INSIDE THE EYE attract you?


INSIDE THE EYE is created by and for people who want to fully develop their own, unique potential. It is designed for people who want to perform at their best for the benefit of many and who feel ready to take the next step.

Do you feel addressed?

We invite curious spirits who want to discover their hearts and become more independent from external events and challenges. We are grateful to welcome:
  • Self-employed
  • Executive staff
  • Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Founders
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Students and Talents
  • Political Innovators
  • All those, who actively participate in global transformation
We are looking forward to YOU.


You get calm
and clear within.

You experience
your uniqueness.

You recognize
your potential.

You form your
goal, your vision.

You know how
to reach there.

You master extreme
situations in calmness.

You connect
with many.


6. / 7. September 2020 I Oper Graz . Austria

Therefore we present an amalgamation of latest scientific findings
with ancient wisdom to offer you the best of all worlds!
Discover mind
Self expression
Experience potential
Create vision
Identify path
Unfold potential


It is our utmost belief that we learn best from people who have far more than one beautiful mind. In this program, we will learn from humans who touch us deeply in our hearts. A place where we Experience True and Lasting change there will be a specially selected panel of internationally renowned speakers and acts.

Stay tuned as these acts will be published in the upcoming weeks.

Maitreya Dadashreeji


Dadashreeji is the Founder, Guide and Inspiration of The MaitriBodh Parivaar. Rendering selfless social and spiritual service to mankind, he has successfully incorporated spirituality into simple yet profound modern concepts offering practical solutions for holistic growth in one’s daily life through inner transformation. Transforming souls, removing boundaries, bonding humanity and uniting nations together, with a foundation of inclusiveness he has guided many individuals of all ages, from every strata of life, across the globe to collectively walk the path of Love and Selfless Service for establishing his vision of “One World, One community, One Truth.”


Dr. Alan Watkins


Alan has an all-encompassing desire for the development of human beings and the enlightenment of leaders. His style is deeply insightful, robustly challenging and flavoured with a good portion of humor. He helped companies treble share price, enter the FTSE 100, salvage difficult turnarounds and establish market leadership in their industry. Alan has coached many executive teams to significantly greater levels of performance, transformed organizational culture, helped leaders discover their purpose and identify new ways to succeed.


Who is coming?


We publish a new act every two weeks.

6. / 7. September 2020 I Oper Graz . Austria


OPER GRAZ / Austria
Two days in the absolutely stunning location Oper Graz with the most exciting person. Two days with yourself, within yourself. Admittedly, it is an incredibly uplifting feeling to get the opportunity to learn, experience and grow during this unique acts of INSIDE THE EYE and 1,200 friends in the stunning ambience of the Oper Graz. Nevertheless, it's all about YOU and your growth.

Oper Graz. A space in which top performances are permanently achieved in unbelievable beauty. And this since 1899. We managed to book the best to approach our highest potential powerfully. A fantastic environment to go INSIDE THE EYE together.



599 exclusive VAT
  • Parterre
  • From 5 to 10 persons Eur 575 (Early Bird)
  • More than 11 persons Eur 550 (Early Bird)
  • More than 21 persons Eur 525 (Early Bird)


from € 4.400,–
3.666 exclusive VAT
  • Balcony Lodge
  • 4er Loge (4 Persons) € 3.666,– (Early Bird)
  • 5er Loge (5 Persons) € 4.583,– (Early Bird)

Prime Inside Package

Balcony Lodge
2.049 exclusive VAT
  • Exclusive seat in lodge
  • Group session with Dadashreeji
  • Accommodation & breakfast from Sept. 6th to Sept. 7th 2020 in a trendy hotel****. The hotel is a 3 minute walk from the Oper Graz.
  • Welcome Package
  • All inclusive catering in the Oper Graz
  • Farewell with Dadashreeji


249 exclusive VAT
  • Age 16 to 27 years
  • Valid photo ID for pupils respectively studend ID for students

Place ticket for persons with wheelchairs

599 exclusive VAT
  • 4 Tickets
  • Further places on request


For people who want to practice business and work with inner peace, clarity and love.

We start on Sunday in the late morning and spend the whole day together. There is also an evening program which is part of the flow, please take this into account. On Monday we start right after your breakfast. Together we can spend the whole day and end in the late afternoon.

Are there partner hotels:
Hotel Gollner is our exclusive partner hotel for Prime Inside Guests – The booking of the overnight stay takes place only through our IATL team. Further partner hotels will follow shortly.

Please use your navigation app on your mobile phone and enter “Oper Graz”. You will then be taken directly to INSIDE THE EYE.

That depends on your ticket. In the general ticket categories only participation in the Summit is included. The “Prime Inside Package” includes additional services such as an exclusive loge seat, a group session with Dadashreeji, overnight stay and breakfast from 6 to 7 September 2020 in a trendy hotel****, shuttle service from the hotel to the Graz Opera in the mornings and evenings, welcome package, all-round catering in the Graz Opera and a farewell with Dadashreeji.

Everything is on site. During the two days you can buy and consume food and drinks directly at the Oper Graz. We recommend that you only leave the Opera House in exceptional cases. This way you will profit to the maximum. Only cash payment possible in the Oper Graz.

No. As this is a specially developed process through which visitors are guided, only full tickets can be purchased.

Opposite the Oper Graz there is the opera garage. Vehicles can be parked there for a fee. Here you will find the place like fees:

No. We ask for your understanding that personal meetings or consultations cannot be realized. However, you have the opportunity to experience Dadashreeji twice together with other participants* on a small scale within the framework of purchasing the very limited “Prime Inside” ticket.

There will be a very fine selection of international top speakers like acts. These will be released successively in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

No. Seat reservations cannot be made. However, you have the option of booking your desired seats directly when you book online – if they are still available.

Yes, all invoices are shown as business events including the statutory value-added tax and can therefore be transferred to the accounting. In the online booking process you also have the possibility to enter the UID number, which is then part of the invoice.

Yes, there are various ticket categories that are geared to target groups, seating locations and the scope of services. Every visitor to the Welcoming will also receive a wristband to allow him or her to enter the Graz Opera again and again. Seats are – except in boxes – assigned to exactly one person.

You can expect a very conscious audience who would like to realize a positive change in their working life. The participants achieve this by working with highly professional speakers and facilitators. Different formats such as knowledge acquisition, reflection, process work, self-knowledge, experience or expression are used. These framework conditions give you more inner peace and orientation in life.

Yes, you can buy cheaper tickets through our Early Bird programs. Since the discount is high, an early purchase pays off in any case. In addition, there are contingents for students and pupils as well as volume discounts.

All content is provided in German and English. There will be simultaneous translation.

Interested persons can participate from the age of 16 (cut off date of birth  07.09.2004). For 16 and 17 year olds, the booking must be made by his parent or legal representative. The parent or legal representative must be indicated in the invoice name and the under-age participant in the field “participant’s name”. A valid photo ID must be presented at the entrance.

Yes, there is a limited contingent for students up to the age of 27 years (cut off date of birth 07.09.1993). The valid student identity card must be presented upon entry.

No. During this event, business and work are viewed from a perspective that is absolutely understandable and valuable for everyone, regardless of their personal level of knowledge and experience.

No. With this special format, there is no cancellation option and therefore no reimbursement of costs. However, you have the possibility to transfer the ticket to another person. You can do this simply by passing your ticket on to another person. Category and conditions remain the same, example: student can pass on to another student, or the recipient who is not a student pay extra for the balance.

No, there will be no cash register. Please buy your ticket as soon as possible to secure your seat.

Will photographs or videos be taken at the event?
Yes. There will be both photo and video recordings. These can be used in advertising for information purposes. By participating in the event, you irrevocably and unlimitedly agree to the publication. See the terms and conditions at

6. / 7. September 2020 I Oper Graz . Austria

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