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DISCOVER - Decode the Core - English

DISCOVER Module 1 – Decode the Core Online

Unlock access to infinite positive energy for you and your Business.

In this module you will learn how to access your very own source of positive energy and how to draw from it anytime you want or need to. The personal and business benefits are quite unimaginable.

Over 3 evenings, you learn and experience the following 3 phases of discovery, namely awareness, sensitization, and awakening.

You will train yourself to apply what you have learned into everyday life by putting into action these useful methodologies to achieve your goals safely and effectively everytime.

Main goal

We enable participants to locate, decipher and permanently use their own source of infinitely positive energy.

Main benefit

  • Become connected to your own power source and thus require less energy from the outside
  • Promote holistic and organic growth for yourself and your business
  • Complete Focused and Powerful work
  • Learn to continuously Experience High Results without Over-straining or Burn Out
  • Learn to how to deal more effectively with internal and external challenges
  • Establish positive Business Focus

Delivered online via Zoom, Jan 21, 22 and 25th, 2021 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM




21.01.2021 17:00


25.01.2021 21:00


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