About us

We are the transformation experts.
For humans. For companies. For the economy.

We have a common goal. A big one. Together with many, we want to transform the business world. Towards a place where people, in solidarity, humility and joy, create services that benefit many and serve life. That everyone can find their place in professional life, where they can develop their human potential to the full and feel like sharing it.

Yes, a high goal. But it will succeed! Why? Not only because of our common focus, but also because we go through life as friends. This gives us an incredible gift: Emotional security. We are the way we are and do not have to change. But we can and we want to! To experience the transformation of our own being, which we want to bring into the world. To act heart-oriented out of ourselves. That is a wonderful starting position.

But of course we have much more in our luggage besides big hearts. People who are masters in their field and yet are ready to let go of everything at any moment in order to become even better. Programs and coachings that change people’s lives in a wonderful way. And finally, holistic possibilities to lead companies that bring true success that is enduring.

Just a quick word about our program. We offer the following opportunities to people who are ready for transformation:

  • Excitation-oriented Impulse Events
  • Solution-oriented Transformative Coaching
  • Experience-oriented Business Evolution Trainings
  • Process-oriented Leader Camps

But enough about us. Tell us about yourself. Get in touch with us, we are really looking forward to meeting you.

About Leadership

Leaders live their lives with ease. They have access to their inner abilities and power, as well as the focus on giving a higher meaning to their work.

Leaders are complete and fulfilled in themselves. The decisions are holistic, sustainable and do not harm anyone consciously, because they originate from the intrinsic power.

Leaders lead themselves and others to sustainable, holistic results by transforming the inner power into success.

Leaders combine mindful expression, positive team spirit, vision, holistic culture, intrinsic power and heart-oriented guidelines for growing success.

Leadership is a ship that is not steered by leaders themselves. It is guided by their vision, but still their influence is essential. The influence to create and spread heart-oriented guidelines, positive team spirit, joy, inner strength, mindful communication and healthy relationships.

Get to know IATL. Learn how we work and are. Let yourself be inspired. We trust each other. Not blindly, but out of love.


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